Want to target based on demographics? You probably think that’s what Facebook Ads are for, but there are so many more options in Google Ads’ targeting options.

Video transcript follows

So you probably realise that Facebook knows a lot about you and uses that for ad targeting, but have you ever stopped to think about what Google knows about you?

Think about your search and browsing behaviour…. what you watch on YouTube….

With a massive network of owned and affiliated sites, Google is collecting all sorts of data that can be used for targeting…you could be a father with a 6 month old baby, Google would know it, and you could be targeted for ads based on that.

When you think about Google Ads, Google is so much bigger than keywords and search results – you’ve also got access to YouTube and a massive display network, and through Google Ads you can target by demographics, in-market intent and interests, no matter what stage of the marketing funnel your audience is in.

So if you’re a mortgage broker or real estate agent, you can target people thinking right now about buying or selling a home, or refinancing their existing home loan.

If you’re in business finance you could be targeting people in business that are in-market for a business loan, or finance for new equipment and vehicles.

Accountants can target people thinking about starting a new business.

Whatever business you are in, don’t get stuck on old thinking like 

  • Google Ads are just for people searching for specific things, or
  • People aren’t searching for my product or service, or
  • Google Ads are too expensive.

Google Ads gives you the ability to target on more than just keywords across sites beyond Google Search, and with very specific targeting Google Ads could be a lot cheaper and more scaleable than Facebook Ads.

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