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Want an immediate, measurable and scaleable way to generate sales? Google Ads are the best way to go

Free traffic is great, but if your current traffic is low or intermittent do you have time to wait? SEO should definitely be part of a long term plan, but if you’re like most businesses you need sales now and you need a consistent lead source that does not come in fits and starts.

With Google Ads you get immediate visibility, in front of the audience you are after, with the ability to target by keywords people are using, or advanced targeting that Google provides based on users past browsing and search history…and with Google Ads it’s not just text ads in search results. You can also target audiences across a massive network of Google owned and affiliated sites, including YouTube.

Google Ads gives your business certainty

Did you know...
Google collects data on all users, so you can do things as specific as targeting people

The great thing about Google Ads is the control you have over where and how they display, and how much you pay

There are several different Google Ad formats that we can manage for you

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads

These are the text ads you see when you search for something. You have the ability to set the keywords you do and don’t want to show up for and the amount you are willing to bid for a click ….and you only pay if someone clicks your ad!

Google Display Ads

Google Display

Advertise on a huge network of sites affiliated with Google. Choose how and where you want your campaign assets to display, and use Google’s deep knowledge of it’s users for specific targeting, e.g. a father with a 3 month old toddler, or someone considering buying a new home or getting a business loan.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

There are multiple ad types, including the most obvious in stream ads which only charges you if the view goes past 30 second, or the video completes if shorter. Leverage Google’s knowledge of it’s users to target by keywords and their complete behaviour profile across Google’s network of owned and non-owned sites.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing

You’ve been retargeted on Facebook. This is exactly the same but across a huge network of sites controlled or affiliated with Google.

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When we manage your Google Ads for you, you don’t need to know the way everything works because we execute it all for you… the right way
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Campaign Build & Launch

Build & Launch

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Optimise & Report

Optimise & Report

We continually manage and optimise your campaign to ensure you're getting a positive return on investment, and report on ad performance

After more traffic that turns into sales, and want to know how to get started?

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