Customers & leads not answering your calls? Here’s how to boost your call answer rate

A big percentage of people are screening calls now, so whether it's cold outreach or just following up enquiries, here's a solution to get on calls easier
Get on more calls with voicemail drops and SMS

Did you know 83% of new contacts and leads won’t answer your call? When your psyching yourself up to make calls, always ending up in voicemail can really put a crimp in your flow, with the roll-on effect of decreasing your motivation and confidence!

What we have to understand is you are up against 2 things:

  1. People are busy and often prioritise the calls they will answer, even when they know the number.
  2. The volume of calls people are getting from numbers they don’t recognise has skyrocketed with telemarketers using both landline and mobile numbers, so a lot of people let calls go to voicemail.

So here’s the solution….

Qualify calls with voicemail drops (a pre-recorded audio that does straight into the recipient’s voicemail) and SMS.

…and here’s a video showing how we do it with a workflow automation inside FocalContact.

Note: If you have a small flow of new leads coming in, you’d probably still call instead of doing voicemail drops and then add those that you get the voicemail for to an automation that starts with the SMS instead of the voicemail drop.

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