Whether you need a way to manage your brand assets for yourself or you’re part of a team, knowing where everything you need is, when you need it, can get a bit overwhelming.

If you want a simple solution, check out the lifetime deal for Brandy.

With Brandy, you’ll have one place to manage all versions of your logo, colour palettes, font combinations, business descriptions, and a whole lot more.

For ourselves this deal was a no-brainer.

With unlimited users and brand spaces you can:

💥 Have one space for all your brand assets.
💥 Keep bio pics for your people in one place.
💥 Have a media kit you can share with everything a media outlet would need.
💥 Brand each brand space with its own logo.
💥 Set a subdomain for each brand space so if you ever need to share a URL, it’s your own branded URL people see.
💥 Use it for clients if you are managing brand assets for other businesses.

Check out the lifetime deal for $49 at https://focal.contact/brandy