WordPress Websites For Service-Based Businesses

Beautiful, high converting websites for businesses wanting to grow & scale

We make getting a new website simpler. Our website design process is transparent, decreases stress and gets you onto marketing with more money left in your budget.

WordPress Websites For Service-Based Businesses

When you’re wanting to grow and scale, you need a high-performing website that converts

But knowing who to trust to build one for you can be hard. Most web design agencies want you to pony up thousands of dollars with no clear picture of what you’re getting so it really is hard to know who to go with. We totally get that! That’s why we decided to make the whole process a lot more transparent, and simpler for you.

The Process For Your New Website Is This Simple

To get started lock in one of our website options with a refundable $250 deposit. At the end of our first call we’ll have a clear path ahead, or we’ll refund your deposit if this is not a good fit for your needs.

1. Choose A Starter Site Style, Or Go Custom

1. Choose A Starter Site Style, Or Go Custom

Choose a style from over 250 of our WordPress demo sites, or if your needs are more particular we can do custom design for you.

2. Content Wireframing

2. Content Wireframing

We’ll layout the content flow and sections of every page on your website making it easier to plan and create content that will drive action – whether you’re providing content or us.

3. We Build Your Website

3. We Build Your Website

We put everything together to create a website that is on brand, looks great and geared up to convert more visitors into enquiries and sales.

Find A Website Style That Will Work For You

Browse by category and preview full website demo’s to find a “feel” that will work for you – just imagine how it will look with your logo, brand styles and content. We will customise it to your brand, and edit to fit your content and message.
Note: We can shortlist suitable options for you.

Transparent Pricing With No Hidden Fees

All you have to do is choose the website solution that is right for you, and lock it in with a refundable $50 fee. We’ll book in a call to make sure we’re a fit for your needs. At the end of the call you just have to request a refund, or pay the balance of the required first payment to proceed.

Got questions?

That’s okay… here are some of the most common. Message us if you have any other questions, and remember you only pay a refundable $50 deposit when selecting one of our website options. At the end of our first call if it’s not a fit, just request a refund.

Why WordPress when FocalContact has a website builder?

FocalContact’s website and funnel builder lends itself  to simpler website projects. With WordPress you have no lock in and can extend functionality with plugins and custom code as required.

When building with WordPress we use the Elementor page builder for an easier page editing experience – as a common page builder for WordPress there are lots of resources to help you get to know how to use your website better. 

How do I integrate my website with FocalContact

This website is actually built with WordPress, so does FocalContact integrate with your WordPress website? Yes!

You can use the LeadConnector WordPress plugin to

  • Pull in FocalContact funnel pages on links in your WordPress site.
  • Display the FocalContact web chat widget.

Additionally any form, survey or booking calendar created in FocalContact can be embedded in your WordPress site.

If you would like to use the Facebook Chat plugin on your website, any messages will appear in FocalContact through our integration with Facebook’s APIs.

You can also utilise webhook functionality available in many WordPress plugins to pass data directly into FocalContact using the premium workflow action for inbound webhooks.


Will you look after my website for me?

Our basic website care plan starts at $100 per month. This is included if you also have an active, full priced FocalContact subscription.

The basic website care plan includes:

  • High speed hosting – reasonable usage policy applies. This may no be suitable for high traffic sites that need guaranteed 100% uptime and fallback redundancies to maintain 100% uptime.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise addon including:
    • Image optimisation: Optimised image compression and device specific image sizing to improve page load speed.
    • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Content cached and delivered from data centres all around the world to reduce data transfer imes.
    • Full Page Edge Caching: Maximises loading speed by caching content at the edge, resulting in 70% faster web pages.
    • Argo Smart Routing: Automatically chooses the fastest route for your content, further optimising your website performance.
    • Better Security with the Honey Pot Project & Global Rate Limiting: Enhance your website’s security with these advanced protection mechanisms.
  • Weekly WordPress and plugin updates.
  • Daily offsite backup.
  • Premium WordPress plugins including Elementor Pro, RankMath Pro and Perfmatters worth USD143 per year.

We can provide additional website support on a casual basis, or virtual assistant services for a set number of hours per month. Please contact us to enquire further.



How do I get customers to actually find my website?

Having a website does not guarantee it will be found in Google. Afterall, you probably have a number of local competitors with websites that do exactly the same thing as you.

A website is only the first step in establishing an online presence. From here you will need to:

  • Optimise your on-page SEO (see the FocalSEO addon).
  • Do offsite SEO to create links to your website – links may generate traffic from the linking page, as well as being a measure of authority that search engines like Google consider when deciding where a website should rank (see the FocalSEO addon).
  • Run ads (see our ads management platform under addons).
  • Post in social media (FocalContact has a social media scheduling tool).


How much do I have to pay to get started?

Each website option has its own payment plan, but for each you only need o pay a refundable $250 deposit to get started.

Upon payment we will schedule our first call when we will:

  • Get to ask you about your business and objectives.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct website option for your needs.
  • Determine if it is worth bundling one of our other marketing solutions to get the results you are after. This can be done as an addon after your website has been completed.

At the end of our call you will have two options:

  1. Request a refund if this is not a fit for you.
  2. Pay the balance of the outstanding payment on your selected website option.


What if I'm not sure of the best option for my business?

Regardless of the website option you choose, you will be prompted to pay a refundable $250 deposit to get started.

On our first call, it’s all about making sure you will get the best solution for your business. This means we can change to another website option for you, or if we work out that none of the options are a good fit we can refund your deposit.

Do you have extended payment plans?

If you would like an extended payment plan, BizPay lets you spread payments across 4 months with an approval process that takes minutes to complete. You will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have an ‘active’ Australian Business Number (ABN) and have been trading for at least 12 months.
  • Your business is registered for GST for at least 6 months.
  • You are a sole trader, director or business owner of a Pty Ltd company.
  • You can provide your Driver’s License.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.


Start making marketing easier

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Please book a meeting via Google Meet to get started

Please book a meeting via Google Meet to get started

Please book a meeting via Google Meet to get started