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SEO For Your Website Has Never Been Easier... And Cheaper

FocalSEO platform analyses your website and competition to generate actionable tasks that will get your website ranking better – work on the actions yourself or have us do them for you!

SEO That Works For Small Business

Our SEO platform is like hiring your own in-house SEO expert that tells you exactly what to do to reach the top of Google, and it’s much more affordable for a small business!

Build an SEO Strategy

Successful SEO requires building the right strategy. FocalSEO walks you through creating the perfect strategy that will target and drive your ideal customers to your website.

Find the Right Keywords

FocalSEO will help you find the keywords your customers are searching for in Google. Whether based on your products and services, or from your competition, FocalSEO will show you the top phrases in your industry. Alongside search volume FocalSEO will also give each phrase a ‘priority score’ to help you identify the most achievable keywords.

Discover Content Topics

Writing good content is extremely important when it comes to SEO and we know that it can be very tricky finding new content topics. FocalSEO will help you to generate new ideas for your blog based on what content your customers are consuming on Google, Twitter and Youtube.

Analyse Your Competition

Spy on your competition to find new ideas for your SEO strategy. FocalSEO will show you exactly what keywords they are ranking for (great for keyword inspiration), how much traffic they receive and where it comes from, what backlinks they have and what blog content they rank for.

Improve Your Content

FocalSEO will analyse your existing content and give you steps to improve your content, making your pages more SEO friendly

Create Content With AI

Our ChatGPT-powered AI writing assistant will write up to 700 words of unique content for 15 SEO blog posts per month.

It will also create optimised metadata and page headings for your service and product pages based on your target keywords.

Perfect if you want to produce better, faster blogs and SEO copy.

Local SEO Strategy

Appear higher in the Google map results. FocalSEO Local will optimise every important part of your Google Business Profile listing. Not only will it tell you exactly what to do, but you can make the changes directly within the platform – no need to log in to Google!

Easily Make SEO Changes

FocalSEO guides you through the actions you need to make to improve your organic visibility. Every month you get a new SEO ‘to-do’ list, which covers every important action and is explained simply so that anyone can action their own SEO.

Easy-To-Follow Actions

FocalSEO provides you with monthly, easy-to-follow actions for improving your website’s SEO based on the most important SEO techniques, and aligned with Google’s latest updates. Every action is accompanied by guides on how to make those SEO changes – perfect for those who have never done SEO before!

AI-Powered Content Analysis & Creation

FocalSEO will analyse your onsite copy to find recommendations for content changes to make.

FocalSEO’s Content Wizard will automatically create optimised SEO metadata and headings for your pages based on the keywords you want to rank for.

Whether within meta data, heading or body copy – FocalSEO will help you follow SEO best practice to optimise your content for Google search as much as possible.

Technical SEO Improvements

FocalSEO will continuously track and analyse your website from a technical SEO perspective, and highlight any areas you need to fix for better SEO performance (along with easy-to-follow guides on making any technical changes).

FocalSEO generates a daily, curated list of backlink opportunities provided from journalists who are looking for expert support. A perfect way to build high-authority, white-hat, free backlinks for small businesses.

Discover the top backlinks your competitors have that you don’t. FocalSEO will analyse your competitor’s backlinks and highlight websites that link to your competitors and not you; these are perfect opportunities for building your own backlinks.

Improve Pagespeed

FocalSEO connects directly with Google to see where you can make changes to your website that will improve your page speed; important for both user experience and your SEO rankings.

Appear Higher In Google Maps

Control and optimise your Google Business Profile listing directly within FocalSEO’s local features.

FocalSEO Local will optimise every important part of your Google Business Profile listing. Not only will it tell you exactly what to do, but you can make the changes directly within the platform – no need to log in to Google!

Optimise Your Listing in Less Than 5 Minutes

Once you’ve connected your Google profile, FocalSEO Local will spot all your missing optimisation opportunities. It will tell you exactly what you need to do, and you can make all the changes you need directly within the platform and they will go live in Google immediately.

Easy-To-Follow Actions

A personal step-by-step instruction plan to get your business to the top of the Google Map results! You’ll get a list of monthly, prioritised actions to complete alongside simple instructions on exactly what you need to do right now. Make all the changes directly in FocalSEO Local without logging into Google.

Manage Your Reviews

Reviews are really important for higher rankings in the Google Map results. FocalSEO Local connects with Google and will help you to manage all of your customer reviews and reply directly from within the platform. Search, filter and even spot negative phrases your customers are using.

Manage & Schedule Google Posts

Google Posts not only improve your visibility in Google but also allow you to communicate effectively with new and existing customers. Within FocalSEO Local you can create, schedule and manage the creation of Google Posts super easily.

Listing Performance

FocalSEO will complete an in-depth audit for your business across the most important web directories and tell you exactly where you need to act. These are another major Google Maps ranking factor and will help catapult you to the top of the map results!

Track & Report Results

Track your SEO performance and build SEO reports so you can see what’s working and what needs more focus. FocalSEO tracks your rankings in Google, your traffic, backlinks and lots more. Easy-to-understand, actionable insights in a report.

Build your perfect SEO Report

FocalSEO’s Report Builder enables you to quickly and easily create an informative and action-focussed SEO report for your website. Add you own logo and styling, then schedule it to be sent to you and your colleagues every month.

Keyword Rankings

Follow your site onto page one of Google! FocalSEO will track your ranking for every keyword you enter into the platform. You can easily track performance over time to identify exactly where you appear in the Google results. Decide to track on an international or local basis.

Google Analytics & Search Console

Discover the impact your SEO results are having on customer acquisition. FocalSEO will display your website traffic over your chosen time frame. It will provide you with information on top traffic sources, countries, cities, devices and referrals.

Not only does FocalSEO help you build new backlinks, but it tracks all of your new and lost backlinks, as report as your competitors links. It will also show you a ‘backlink’ score so you can quickly see which links are most valuable.

Google Business Profile Performance

Track how your business is listing directly within both the Google Maps results and the Local Map Pack for your keywords.

Track multiple performance metrics for your Google Business Profile listing, including map views, search views, phone calls, direction requests, posts data and more! You can also compare dates so you can easily and quickly track performance over time.

Drive more traffic with only a few hours per month

FocalSEO Platform

Complete DIY toolset for small businesses who want to complete their own SEO in-house and keep their SEO costs low. Billed monthly, cancel at any time.

120 AUD

/ mth

Everything you need to complete your own SEO in-house, including FocalSEO’s full suite of SEO tools:

Monthly, step-by-step SEO actions (with how-to guides) to improve your website’s SEO

Keyword research tools to discover the phrases your customers are searching for (and competitors are using!)

ChatGPT-powered blog content and SEO copy creation via our AI Content Wizard

Frequent website audits to analyze your technical SEO and recommended fixes

Backlink tools to track and build new backlinks to your website

Google Business Profile toolset to improve your Google Map rankings

Ongoing keyword tracking for 120 keywords across Google Search and Google Maps

Monthly SEO reports & our drag-and-drop report builder

Full access to SEO training to upskill you and your team

Unlimited live chat & email support from our SEO team

Have Our SEO VA's To Complete Your SEO Tasks For You

We understand many businesses are too busy for another task, so you can hire our SEO VA’s to complete the list of tasks generated by FocalSEO.

After signing up, FocalSEO will analyse your website and competition, and then suggest a monthly time allocation to reach your goals within a certain time period – if you would like to outsource this, let us know and we will adjust your subscription to include our SEO VA’s time.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find an answer to your question? Send us a message and we’ll get you an answer as quick as we can.

What's the difference between FocalSEO and other SEO tools?

Besides being cheaper than the others, other SEO software (like SEMrush and Moz) are data-based solutions; they provide you with the data surrounding the SEO campaign. They also don’t help you build an SEO strategy, and you need prior expertise to do this.

FocalSEO is an instructive-based SEO tool; it helps you build a complete bespoke SEO strategy and it tells you exactly what to do, with easy-to-follow guidelines. It also tracks performance, so you can update your strategy as your SEO improves.

Am I tied into a long term contract?

No, you’re not. You are only tied in for the duration of the plan you choose at the point of purchase – whether that is monthly or annual.

Your plan will auto-renew at the end of that period, but if you cancel at any point before then, it will not auto-renew.

Do I need to hire an SEO expert if I use FocalSEO?

No, you don’t. FocalSEO covers all aspects of SEO and allows anyone to get started with optimising their website for the search engines.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

If you are running out of time to do your own SEO, you can hire our SEO VA’s to do the SEO tasks for you – we’ll just update your subscription to the number of hours you choose.

Can you do the SEO tasks for me?

We understand many businesses are too busy for another task, so you can hire our SEO VA’s to complete the list of tasks generated by FocalSEO.

Do you charge GST?

If you’re based in Australia, 10% GST will be added to your subscription.

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