Save up to 40% versus Traditional Agency Pricing

Simple & Affordable Marketing For Businesses Serving Local Customers

Our R4 Marketing System has everything you need to maintain and build a strong online brand that attracts more (and better) local customers – website, local SEO, marketing & automation

We’ve taken the mystery out of the traditional marketing agency model to give you exactly what you need at a price that makes sense for regular businesses Just Like You

You see most agencies want to treat every business as a unique case so you end up with bespoke pricing, but every business has areas of similarity with key things you want to achieve from your marketing. Quite simply you want to:

  1. Establish or grow your reputation
  2. Get greater reach to new audiences
  3. Stay in front of prospects through the entire buyer journey with retargeting
  4. Go back to your list to resell (or reactivate)

Save as much as 39% versus traditional marketing agency pricing!

Our R4 Marketing System Makes This Easy

You don’t need complicated. Our framework provides the marketing services you need in a simple, transparent way – no need for bespoke service pricing!

Pillar 1 - Reputation

We help you achieve top-of-market brand perception

When people find you online, we make sure your a top contender for their business

Pillar 2 - Reach

Consistently get in front of new audiences

We provide services to help get your services and offers out in front of the people that need them

The R4 Marketing System - Retarget website visitors to stay in front of them through the entire buyer journey

Pillar 3 - Retarget

Stay top-of-mind through the entire buyer journey

Everyone does not convert on their first visit to your website, - they probably won't leave their details in your contact form or email optin, so we put in a contingency for this.

The R4 Marketing System - Resell & Reactivate Your List

Pillar 4 - Resell (or Reactivate)

Capitalise on your list - both past customers, and past leads/enquiries

Your list is gold - we'll help you make more from it, whether they are past customers you can resell to, or leads and enquiries that still have not converted

Get FocalContact Free On Our Standard, Premium & Elite Packages

FocalContact is the all-in-one CRM and marketing platform that’s the hub of your marketing & sales, making capturing, nurturing and turning leads into appointments, sales and repeat business easier.

Save up to $297 per month!

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It really is easy, just pick the package that is right for you and then book a call. We’ll confirm your package selection is the right choice for your business, and then get you started

All prices are exclusive of GST. See FAQ’s that follow for details on how savings are calculated, and costs related to email, SMS & phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a website and don’t need a new one, the pricing for the plans are:

  • Standard: $500 setup and $800 per month
  • Premium: $500 setup and $1150 per month
  • Elite: $500 setup and $1500 per month.

All prices are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.

In the majority of cases, marketing agencies are not trying to do anything wrong – they’re just like your business working you how long something will take to do and adding on a suitable profit margin.

The problem is retaining a bespoke pricing model for regular local businesses – most cannot afford/justify it.

Our approach with the R4 Marketing System is to identify common elements that make sense to most regular businesses serving local customers, and provide those as packages. Our systemised approach allows us to deliver very similar services for less.

Comparing total cost of our packages versus traditional agency pricing over 12 months


Essentials – 12 month cost is $4100

Traditional agency pricing would be from $3500 upfront for a website, then $75 per month for maintenance, $100 for Google Review Management, and $50 per month for CRM – totalling $6200 for 12 months

With the Essentials plan you are saving $2100 or 34% against traditional agency pricing!


Standard – 12 month cost is $11900

Traditional agency pricing would be from $3500 upfront for a website, then $75 per month for maintenance, $700 per month for social media, and $197 per month for FocalContact (cost would probably be more when adding their setup for you, or using a more expensive tool) – totalling $15164 for 12 months

With the Standard plan you are saving more than $3264 or 22% against traditional agency pricing!


Premium – 12 month cost is $15100

Traditional agency pricing would be from $3500 upfront for a website, then $75 per month for maintenance, $700 per month for social media, $100 per month for premium business directory listings, $500 per month for ads management, and $197 per month for FocalContact (cost would probably be more when adding their setup for you, or using a more expensive tool) – totalling $22364

With the Premium plan you are saving $7264 or 32% against traditional agency pricing!


Elite – 12 month cost is $20500

Traditional agency pricing would be from $3500 upfront for a website, then $75 per month for maintenance, $700 per month for social media, $100 per month for premium business directory listings, $500 per month for ads management, $600 per month for blog writing, $300 per month for email setup and send, $500 for reactivation campaign setup, and $197 per month for FocalContact (cost would probably be more when adding their setup for you, or using a more expensive tool) – totalling $33664

With the Elite plan you are saving $13,164 or 39% against traditional agency pricing!

Our process is all about building you a unique website that looks great as quickly as possible, so it is up and running for you in as little as 1 week (up to 4 weeks depending on current demand and how quickly you provide feedback). Here’s how we do it:

  1. You choose a website style you like from over 250 of our starter site styles (we can shortlist suitable options for you). Demo’s are available here
  2. We create a wireframe for your website pages with filler content – you update the content or we can provide copywriting as a service.
  3. We apply your content to the selected starter site style, customising to your brand, to create a unique site that looks like you paid for an expensive custom-designed website.

The Starter plan website uses the FocalContact page builder and optimisations happen at the server level.

The websites on other plans are their own individual WordPress install and include our basic website support package valued at $75 per month.

This service makes sure everything is kept up-to-date and optimisations are in place to improve page load speed:

  1. Daily offsite backups of your WordPress site (this is insurance in case something happens with the website hosting server – increasingly rare, but it has happened in the past where the host was only able to access a backup that was a month old).
  2. Weekly update of WordPress, theme and plugins
    • We check for any conflicts or errors after the update by doing a visual check.
    • If there is a conflict (most often caused by updated plugins not working together), we restore the most recent backup and advise an estimated cost for troubleshooting and fixing the conflict.
  3. Site caching that includes minifying and concatenating files to reduce the number of resources, resulting in increased page loading speed.
  4. Integration of 3rd party CDN (website assets propagated to servers worldwide so assets load from the nearest server to the person visiting the site) for faster page load.
  5. Image optimisation (for faster page load)- automatically remotely convert images to the best format and size for the user browser and device (e.g. detects if a mobile visit and serves smaller image, e.g. 300px wide instead of 1000px wide), and delivered by CDN. If image is commonly loaded, it is cached on the CDN after processing so does not require the processing step.


More comprehensive support plans are available on request, e.g. done-for-you website changes.

There are a couple of reasons:

  1. The included services are fulfilled monthly.
  2. The packages include a website, the cost of which is distributed over a number of months instead of you having to pay one lump sum. We do this to optimise your marketing budget cashflow so you can spend more on getting people to your website and bringing in new business.

We’re systemising and productising our offering to reduce a lot of the custom aspects which means we can offer a very similar service for less.

You’re still getting custom work, but we get work done more efficiently and you benefit in the form of lower rates for our services.

That being said, some businesses may not be an exact fit for these packages and we may need to offer some variation in those instances, e.g. for high spend ad campaigns more management will be required.

The packages are designed in such a way that they form a very effective base for a lot of businesses. However, depending on the business we may suggest more be done, e.g. if you are in a higher competition business niche, or want to promote a lot of different services or target a larger geographic area.

Most marketing software will charge you based on the number of contacts you have on your list. That works great for businesses sending messages every day, but does not make sense for most businesses.

So FocalContact makes it easier for you by giving you unlimited contacts and just charging based on usage.

Costs* for sms/phone/email
Email$1 per 1,000 emails
Mobile numbers$6 each per month
SMSOutgoing: $0.05 per message segment (160 characters)
 Incoming: $0.0075 per message segment (160 characters)
Phone callsOutgoing to mobile: $0.0470 per minute
Outgoing to landline/toll-free: $0.0240 per minute
Incoming routing to mobile: ($0.0040 + $0.0470) per minute
Incoming routing to landline/toll-free: ($0.0040 + $0.0240) per minute
*Costs subject to carrier charges. Costs are in USD for Australia – costs for other countries are available upon request.

FocalContact does not need to replace what you already have. We may be able to do an integration with your existing contact management system/CRM to have data flow back-and-forth automatically.

We recognise that some businesses are using industry-specific solutions, and for those we can supplement the functions that they do not have. If you’re using multiple tools for marketing and sales functions that do not talk to each other, then FocalContact is the solution.

On Essentials and up, we build websites with WordPress (or if you already have an existing website), and integrating FocalContact is simply a matter of dropping in some code.

We can assist with this, if required.

SEO is a little harder to offer fixed price packages on as there are a number of variables involved.

We generally prefer to wait a month before proposing an SEO solution – this gives us time to:

  1. Gauge the impact of the 300 premium business directory listings.
  2. Evaluate via Google Ads what people are actively searching for, and the “buyer” search terms that should be targeted for SEO.

The cost of SEO will be determined based on the amount of work required (based on keywords you are targeting, their competition and the geographic area you want to target) and your timeline.

Even for lower competition keywords a product/service/home page may not rank for at least 3-6 months, so SEO should always be considered a long term strategy with other traffic methods filling the gap in the short term.

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