Easily Communicate Through The Channels Your Customers Are Using

Email, SMS, Phone, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM and Google My Business Messages all together – create automated followups, communicate one-to-one and have a complete history of your conversations with every contact.

An easier way to connect

Managing multiple platforms can be cumbersome, and sometimes you don't get to that one communication channel soon enough to reply. FocalContact makes it easier to monitor and reply, all in one place.

Email at scale and personalised

With FocalContact you have the ability to create email campaigns, automated email sequences, or send personal email. An easy drag-and-drop email builder makes creating beautiful email campaigns easy, or send standard personal email that just looks like your regular email.

SMS for confirmations and reminders, or for marketing

Everyone checks text messages. Text is perfect for sending reactivation campaigns to your database, or automated appointment confirmations and reminders. Whatever you want to do via text, FocalContact makes it easy.

Inbound and outbound phone calling

Integrate dedicated phone numbers into your marketing and sales process. Make outbound calls direct from FocalContact, while inbound calls are forwarded to the number you choose – you can enable call recording for a complete history of communication with a contact.

Take it further by automating a call between a sales agent and a lead whenever a lead submits their phone number.

Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business Messaging

With direct integrations with Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business, it’s now easy to monitor, and message back and forth without having to go to different platforms. Set up common responses and automations to keep people engaged until you are ready to jump in to the conversation.

Choose to use the FocalContact web widget for SMS conversations with website visitors, or embed the Facebook Messenger widget on your website – two powerful options for messaging website visitors, even after they have left your website!

A universal inbox for all customer communication

No matter what way people communicate with you, manage conversations all in one place for a complete view of every single piece of communication you have had with a contact, whether it's through one channel, or multiple communication channels. Simplify organisation communication and tracking, so anyone can jump in and take over with a full history.


Take advantage of FocalContact's automation workflow builder to build all sorts of if/then automated communication. Make sure that people are hearing from you through the entire buyer journey, whether it's intelligently designed automated messaging, or a prompt to one of your team to reach out manually.

See How FocalContact Will Make Running Your Business Easier

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