Better Manage Leads Through Their Buyer Journey To Close More Sales

Create multiple pipelines to manage your opportunities with granular contact views to keep track of everything you know about the contact

Keeping You Organised To Maximise Sales Opportunities

Always maintain a high level view of where leads are in your pipeline so you can keep them moving. Never again forget someone that has stalled on the path to a sale – reach out and reactivate them. With FocalContact you can create multiple pipelines that sync with the integrated CRM for a detailed view of every lead and customer.

A CRM That Keeps Everything For A Lead In One Place

From one place have all of the information for a contact – keep notes, manage appointments and send texts, emails, and Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business messages. Make contact management simpler across an organisation, and allow someone else to take up where you left off, if required.

Automate Contact Management

Build out workflows with triggers and actions that move opportunities to different stages of your pipeline, or automates communication to send an email, a prompt to do something, or a followup. Whether it’s making sure someone in your organisation is doing something to followup a lead, or it’s sending something direct to the contact – automation is key to efficiently, and reliably, managing communication with contacts to make sure leads and sales are not falling through the cracks.

See How FocalContact Will Make Running Your Business Easier

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